Quest for Amiga 500 IDE Connection

I will write my challenge to connect an IDE Hard Disk (or a CF Card with IDE adapter) to my Amiga 500 in the PC case. I don’t have a problem with space so I can put a read HDD if I can succeed.

First of all I found a PCB on this site:

Then I started soldering the parts. So I will continue to write as I progress.

The Components are :

2pcs Male pin 2.54mm Header Socket Row Strip ( IDE pins)

2pcs 40Pin (2x32pin) 2.54mm Single Row Round Female Pin Header Socket (CPU socket+pins)

1pc 100uF capacitor

2pcs 0.33uF capacitor

1pc 74F00 TTL chip

1pc 74HCT688 TTL chip

1ps SIP-9 100K Ohm Resistors Array

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