C64 PSU Project

Some of my friends liked the C64 PSU that I build for myself. Here’s the link.


And let’s first figure out the power consumption of the C64 from the Wiki page.


As we know the C64 needs 5v DC and 9 V AC to operate, even though 5V is enough to start the computer but you’ll lose some parts of it. (e.g. SID chip & sound)

I have been using my home built PSU for a while so I can say the parts that I used in it is enough. The power that it needs is:

5V DC -> 2A

9V AC -> 10VA

So I will use a meanwell power supply for 5V and an ordinary transformer for AC 9V

The AC transformer will be the one like below:



And for 5V power supply I will use this one:


Then I will need a box to put them inside


I’ll put a power socket and a rocker switch and a voltmeter on top to check the voltages

A DIN-7 socket for the C64 power connector:

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