PS2 Dualshock to C64 Joystick Port Mod

During COVID pandemic while I was sitting at home I decided to make a project. I wanted to connect my old Playstation gamepad to my Commodore 64 retro computer. I found one library for using PS2 gamepad with arduino, so I decided to use it. Here is the link: Then I tested on arduino with … Devamını oku… PS2 Dualshock to C64 Joystick Port Mod

Amiga 500 into PC Desktop Case

This will be a project for my Commodore Amiga 500 retro computer. I bought it around 200₺ ($30) It was rusty and wasn’t working properly. Cleaned and put a PC floppy inside. I started working but the keyboard membrane was beyond repair. So I got a small part from a friend in cgtr forum. But … Devamını oku… Amiga 500 into PC Desktop Case

Game Dev Notes 3

Yesterday I started to program another basic game style. It was going to be a lunar lander game. It’s a classic game type. But later it turned to be a drone lander. So I have some experience in building and flying quadcopters. I found some open source tileset. I designed the drone and landing pads … Devamını oku… Game Dev Notes 3

Game Development Notes 1

Ideas about my second game development adventure First of all I wanted to choose a game engine, for me it’s not so wise to develop the game with pure C#, C++ or Java etc. So I looked for a game engine that provides tools as well as a nice scripting options. I like writing codes … Devamını oku… Game Development Notes 1